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fsd_drmaa_session_t* fsd_drmaa_session_get ( void   )

Get current (global) DRMAA session and increase it's reference count.

Definition at line 696 of file drmaa_base.c.

References fsd_drmaa_singletone_s::session.

Referenced by drmaa_job_ps(), drmaa_run_bulk_jobs(), drmaa_run_job(), and drmaa_wait().

      fsd_drmaa_session_t *self = NULL;
      fsd_mutex_lock( &_fsd_drmaa_singletone.session_mutex );
      self = _fsd_drmaa_singletone.session;
      fsd_mutex_unlock( &_fsd_drmaa_singletone.session_mutex );
      if( self != NULL )
            fsd_mutex_lock( &self->mutex );
            self->ref_cnt ++;
            fsd_mutex_unlock( &self->mutex );
            fsd_exc_raise_code( FSD_DRMAA_ERRNO_NO_ACTIVE_SESSION );
      return self;

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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