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int drmaa_run_job ( char *  job_id,
size_t  job_id_len,
const drmaa_job_template_t *  jt,
char *  error_diagnosis,
size_t  error_diag_len 

The drmaa_run_job() function submits a single job with the attributes defined in the job template, jt. Upon success, up to job_id_len characters of the submitted job's job identifier are stored in the buffer, job_id.

Definition at line 368 of file drmaa_base.c.

References fsd_drmaa_session_get(), and fsd_free().

      fsd_drmaa_session_t *volatile session = NULL;
      char *volatile job_id_buf = NULL;
      fsd_log_enter(( "(jt=%p)", (void*)jt ));
            session = fsd_drmaa_session_get();
            job_id_buf = session->run_job( session, (fsd_template_t*)jt ),
            strlcpy( job_id, job_id_buf, job_id_len );
            if( session )
                  session->release( session );
            fsd_free( job_id_buf );

      fsd_log_return(( " =0: job_id=%s", job_id ));

Here is the call graph for this function:

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