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Public Attributes

fsd_drmaa_session_s Struct Reference

#include <session.h>

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Public Attributes

void(* apply_configuration )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
int cache_job_state
char * contact
void(* control_job )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *job_id, int action)
void(* destroy )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
fsd_cond_t destroy_condition
void(* destroy_nowait )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
bool destroy_requested
fsd_mutex_t drm_connection_mutex
bool enable_wait_thread
fsd_job_t *(* get_job )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *job_id)
char **(* get_submited_job_ids )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
void(* job_ps )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *job_id, int *remote_ps)
void(* load_configuration )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *basename)
fsd_missing_jobs_behaviour_t missing_jobs
fsd_mutex_t mutex
fsd_job_t *(* new_job )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *job_id)
struct timespec pool_delay
void(* read_configuration )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *filename, bool must_exist, const char *configuration, size_t config_len)
int ref_cnt
void(* release )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
fsd_iter_t *(* run_bulk )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const fsd_template_t *jt, int start, int end, int incr)
char *(* run_impl )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const fsd_template_t *jt, int bulk_incr)
char *(* run_job )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const fsd_template_t *jt)
void(* stop_wait_thread )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
void(* synchronize )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char **input_job_ids, const struct timespec *timeout, bool dispose)
void(* update_all_jobs_status )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
char *(* wait )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *job_id, const struct timespec *timeout, int *status, fsd_iter_t **rusage)
fsd_cond_t wait_condition
char *(* wait_for_any_job )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const struct timespec *timeout, int *status, fsd_iter_t **rusage, bool dispose)
void(* wait_for_job_status_change )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, fsd_cond_t *wait_condition, fsd_mutex_t *mutex, const struct timespec *timeout)
void(* wait_for_single_job )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *job_id, const struct timespec *timeout, int *status, fsd_iter_t **rusage, bool dispose)
void *(* wait_thread )(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self)
fsd_thread_t wait_thread_handle
bool wait_thread_run_flag
bool wait_thread_started

Detailed Description

DRMAA session data.

Definition at line 68 of file session.h.

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