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void(* fsd_drmaa_session_s::wait_for_single_job)(fsd_drmaa_session_t *self, const char *job_id, const struct timespec *timeout, int *status, fsd_iter_t **rusage, bool dispose)

Wait until given job terminates (either successfuly or not).

selfDRMAA session.
job_idIdentifier of job to wait for.
timeoutIf not NULL and job does not terminate in given amount of time function returns and FSD_DRMAA_ERRNO_EXIT_TIMEOUT is raised.
statusIf not NULL job status code is stored here.
rusageIf not NULL list of used resources is returned.
disposeIf true job information is removed from session at the end of call and further accesses to this job_id will raise FSD_DRMAA_ERRNO_INVALID_JOB. Otherwise job data is held.
See also:
wait_for_any_job wait

Definition at line 174 of file session.h.

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